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Degen Zoo: $700M Raised in 30 Days for NFT Game From Logan Paul’s Crypto Zoo

• Degen Zoo NFT game has been developed in a record 30 days, derived from the abandoned Logan Paul’s Crypto Zoo project.
• DAO Maker founder Christoph Zaknun took on the challenge to build the game in 30 days and pledged to donate all profits from the game to charity.
•The game has attracted 115k wallets and over 250,000 followers on Twitter to raise awareness of animal extinction caused by human greed.

Degen Zoo NFT Game Developed In Record Time

DAO Maker (DAO/USD) founder Christoph Zaknun has launched the Degen Zoo game, an NFT game derived from Logan Paul’s abandoned Crypto Zoo project. Despite Logan Paul claiming that developing Crypto Zoo would take years, Zaknun managed to develop it within a record 30 days single-handedly as a way of disproving his claim.

Massive Support For The Game

As of today, more than 115,000 crypto wallets have registered to join the Degen Zoo NFT game pledging over $700 million, which is a new record for crypto games. During this time more than 250,000 people followed Degen Zoo on Twitter showing their support for the project.

Game Features And Purpose

Degen Zoo has a deflationary token and an NFT collection featuring 120 endangered species with players incentivized to „kill“ their minted animal pushing it towards extinction. This is done as a way of simulating capitalism’s impact on animals and raising awareness of how devastating human greed can be for wildlife.

Testnet Release Of The Game

Christoph Zaknun proceeded with releasing a testnet version of Degen Zoo days before his proposed deadline where 3,000 players made around 30,000 transactions proving its success even before its mainnet release .


Christoph Zaknun managed to exceed expectations by delivering Degen zoo in time while also donating all profits generated from it to charity as part of his pledge. It also received massive support from both crypto wallets and its followers on social media platforms making it one of the most successful games released so far.

Silvergate Stock Plummets 65%: What’s Behind the Crash?

• Silvergate Capital Corp (NYSE: SI) saw their stock fall 50% on Thursday after they delayed the submission of their annual 10-K report.
• JPMorgan downgraded Silvergate stock to underweight and analysts at Canaccord Genuity also downgraded it.
• Coinbase announced that it had stopped payments to or from the crypto bank, likely due to liquidity challenges.

Silvergate Capital Stock Plummets

Silvergate Capital Corp (NYSE: SI) saw its stock plummet by nearly 50% on Thursday morning after a filing with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed that the company was assessing its ability to continue as a going concern. This came after the FTX fiasco in early November, where Silvergate had to offload more assets than expected in order to maintain capital ratio.

Downgrades From JPMorgan and Canaccord Genuity

JPMorgan analyst Steven Alexopoulos downgraded the financial services company to „underweight“ citing continued liquidity challenges. Canaccord Genuity also downgraded Silvergate stock on Thursday and trimmed their price target o $9 per share.

Coinbase Stops Payments To/From Crypto Bank

In addition, Coinbase announced today that it had stopped payments to or from the crypto bank due to liquidity issues. This added further pressure on Silvergate’s already weakened state, putting it 65% lower than its year-to-date high mark set earlier this year before the FTX fiasco occurred.

Q4 Losses for Silvergate Capital

The latest reported quarter for Silvergate showed $1 billion in losses which could be attributed partly due to a “bank run of sorts” with greater than expected deposit outflows during Q4 2020.


Overall, Silvergate has been dealing with multiple issues over the past 2 months which have caused significant damage not only in terms of its balance sheet but also public opinion of its practices and reliability as an institution responsible for managing customer funds safely and securely.

Israeli Blockchain Chip Startup Raises $70M: Mass Production to Start in 2023

Chain Reaction Raises $70M to Develop Blockchain Chip

• Israeli startup Chain Reaction has raised $70 million to develop a “fully homomorphic encryption” chip.
• The new chip will allow users to work on data while the chip is encrypted, thereby providing secure cloud services.
• Chain Reaction plans to launch the chip by end of 2024 and is already working on its current blockchain chip Electrum, set for mass adoption in 2023.


Israeli-based startup Chain Reaction has successfully raised $70 million to support the development of its next blockchain chip. The funds will go towards expanding the startup’s engineering team working on developing the next chip. The CEO and co-founder of Chain Reaction Alon Webman noted that the chip will be a fully homomorphic encryption chip that will allow users to work on data while the chip is encrypted. He said: „Today if you have data (which) is encrypted into the cloud and in order to do any data operation or data analytics, do A.I., you have to decrypt the data.“ Webman noted that organizations and major industries that would otherwise use cloud services are restricted from doing so because of security concerns since once the data is decrypted it becomes vulnerable to malicious users looking to read, steal or change it.

Fully Homomorphic Encryption Chip

The new chain reactionchip allows users to access their data under encryption and Chain Reaction plans to launch their chain reactionchip by end of 2024. Their chain reactionchip is designed for fast and efficient hashing which could also be used for mining cryptocurrencies. Intel had previously partnered with Nvidia Corp back in February 2022 in order launch a blockchain but Nvidia individually produces chips specific for Ethereum mining as well..


Chain Reactions plan on starting mass adoption of their current blockchain Electrum in first quarter 2023 before launching their chain reactionchip by end 2024..


Chain Reactions aim for theirchain reactionchipis toovercome security concerns when using cloud services since this provides accessdata under encrypion whilst allowing users too perform operations without havingto decrypt it thus making it more secure from malicious users .

Wirex Partners with Visa: Crypto Card Services Now Available in 40+ Countries

• Wirex, a digital payment company based in London, has announced a long-term service agreement with Visa.
• The partnership will allow Wirex to expand its crypto card services to the UK and APAC markets and more than 40 countries around the world.
• Through this partnership customers of Wirex will be able to make payments at about 80 million locations where Visa is accepted.

Wirex Partners With Visa

Wirex, a London-based digital payment company, has recently announced a long-term service agreement with Visa. This partnership allows Wirex to extend its crypto card services to more countries around the world including the UK and APAC markets. Customers of Wirex can now use their cryptocurrency assets to make payments at about 80 million locations where Visa is accepted around the world. In addition to being able to make crypto payments, customers also receive 8% cashback instantly.

History of Partnership

In 2015, Wirex was the first company to introduce crypto-card services in partnership with Visa. In 2020 it became a principal member of Visa in Europe and raised $15 million in its Series B funding round in 2022. This latest partnership is seen as an important milestone for both companies as it makes Wirex a global partner of Visa and allows them to reach new customers across multiple markets.

Objective of The Partnership

The core objective of this particular collaboration between these two companies is introducing more crypto-linked payment methods for more markets across the globe. Mat Wood from Visa’s Digital Partnerships team in Asia Pacific Region commented that they are excited that Wirex is expanding their focus on Asia Pacific making it easy for people to spend their crypto balance at millions of merchants that accept VISA in the region.

Upcoming Expansion Plans

Wirex have already achieved much success through this global partnership but they are not done yet as they have set their eyes on finalizing another card related partnership for Australia within next few weeks.


The agreement between these two companies has been beneficial so far as it has allowed both parties involved reach out to new customers across different regions while allowing them access more secure payment methods through cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Ban: Charlie Munger Urges US To Follow China’s Example

Charlie Munger Wants U.S. to Ban Cryptocurrencies

  • Charlie Munger, Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, reiterates his view on cryptocurrencies and lauds China for banning it.
  • Munger sees no real value in cryptocurrencies as they are intangible and unproductive.
  • He recommends the U.S. government to learn from China’s example and push ahead with an absolute ban on cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Performance in 2021

Cryptocurrencies have had a strong start to 2021 with Bitcoin up nearly 40% since the start of the year. However, Charlie Munger has been staunchly opposed to cryptocurrencies and associates no real value to these assets due to their intangible nature.

Munger’s View on Cryptocurrency

In a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Munger said: „Crypto is not a currency, commodity, or security. It’s a gambling contract with a nearly 100% edge for the house, entered into in a country where gambling contracts are traditionally regulated only by states that compete in laxity.“ He further recommended the U.S. government should learn from other countries‘ examples and push ahead with an absolute ban on cryptocurrencies.

Warren Buffett Aligns With Munger’s View

Munger’s business partner Warren Buffet shares his views about cryptocurrencies as well and both of them believe that there is no real value associated with such digital assets.

China Sets Precedence For Crypto Ban

To further justify his stance on banning cryptocurrency, Charlie Munger cited England’s example of imposing an absolute ban on public trading in new common stocks during 1700s which lasted for almost a century as precedence. Furthermore he lauded China for recently announcing a strict ban on crypto-related services stating US should learn from its example as well.

Silvergate Capital Halts Dividend Payment Amid Crypto Turbulence

• Silvergate, a crypto-friendly bank, announced it has suspended dividend payment on its preferred stock.
• The move is to help preserve capital following the effects of recent turbulence across the crypto ecosystem.
• Following the news, shares of parent company Silvergate Capital (NYSE:SI) fell more than 11% in early morning trading.

Crypto-friendly bank Silvergate has announced the suspension of dividend payment on its series A preferred stock. The move comes shortly after the company reported a $1 billion loss in the fourth quarter and also cut its staff by 20% amid the crypto bear market and impact of FTX collapse.

Silvergate, which has been providing banking services to crypto-related businesses since 2013, says the decision is in order to “maintain a highly liquid balance sheet with a strong capital position as it navigates recent volatility in the digital asset industry.” The company added that its Board of Directors will re-examine the payment of quarterly dividends at a later date.

The news of the dividend suspension sent shockwaves through the stock market with Silvergate Capital (NYSE:SI) shares falling more than 11% in early morning trading. The company’s shares had previously been doing quite well, with a decent run up to $20.49 in mid-December before the crypto-craze that followed the launch of Bitcoin futures on the CME pushed them to a high of $33.30 on January 11th.

However, the crypto bear market and the collapse of FTX was too much for the crypto bank which has since seen its shares decline sharply. While the suspension of dividends may have been a necessary move for Silvergate to preserve capital, it is unlikely to be welcomed by shareholders who were hoping for a return on their investments.

It remains to be seen if Silvergate will be able to weather the current storm and resume dividend payment on its series A preferred stock. For now, investors will have to wait and see how the company’s fortunes evolve over the coming months.

Navigating Virtual School Amidst the Pandemic: Students Share Their Experiences

• This article focuses on the experiences of a group of students who have attended a virtual school since the pandemic began.
• It explores the challenges they have faced and how they are managing their social lives, education, and mental health during these difficult times.
• The article also discusses the advantages of virtual schooling and how it can benefit both students and parents.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact everyday life, more and more students around the world have switched to virtual learning. For many, this means attending virtual school from their homes rather than in the traditional classroom setting. The experience has been a difficult one for many students, and this article will explore the experiences of a group of students who have attended virtual school since the pandemic began.

The students discussed in this article had no prior experience with virtual schooling before the pandemic. They have faced a number of challenges, including difficulty staying motivated, managing their time, and staying connected with their peers. For some, the lack of social interaction has been particularly difficult. They have also had to adjust to virtual classes which can be overwhelming and overwhelming at times.

Despite these challenges, the students discussed in this article have managed to remain motivated and engaged in their studies. They have also taken advantage of the benefits that virtual schooling provides, such as flexible learning schedules and the ability to work on their own pace.

The students have also taken steps to manage their mental health during this time. They have embraced activities like yoga and meditation to help manage their stress and anxiety. Additionally, they have taken advantage of online support groups and counseling to help them manage their emotions.

Overall, virtual schooling has been a difficult experience for these students, but they have managed to make the best of the situation. The students have also seen some of the benefits that virtual learning provides, such as more flexible learning schedules and the ability to work at their own pace. Additionally, the students have embraced activities to manage their mental health, and have taken advantage of online support groups and counseling. This has helped them to cope with the challenges of virtual schooling and remain motivated, engaged, and connected with their peers.

Blockchain Transforming Industries: Unlocking the Possibilities of a Secure and Efficient Future

• Blockchain technology is being applied in a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, transportation, and financial services.
• Blockchain technology is decentralized, transparent, and allows users to exercise control over their assets.
• Businesses are researching and collaborating to find the most effective ways to apply blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way industries operate, allowing businesses to maximize the potential of the technology by bringing it to everyday use. From healthcare to transportation, and financial services, blockchain technology is being applied in a wide range of industries to bring efficiency and security to the forefront.

At its core, blockchain technology is decentralized, which means that it is not controlled by any one entity, but rather by a distributed network of computers. This allows users to exercise control over their assets, without having to rely on any third parties. It also provides transparency, as all of the transactions and activities that take place on the blockchain are recorded and visible to all users.

In addition, blockchain technology is highly scalable, meaning it can handle large amounts of data, transactions, and processing power without experiencing any slowdowns. This makes it an ideal technology for businesses to use in order to improve efficiency and customer experience.

Businesses are researching and collaborating to find the most effective ways to apply blockchain technology. For example, in the healthcare industry, blockchain technology is being used to securely store and share medical data, ensuring privacy and accuracy of patient information. In the financial services industry, blockchain technology is being used to support faster and more secure payments and transfers.

In the transportation industry, blockchain technology is being used to create a transparent and secure supply chain, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. And in the gaming industry, blockchain technology is being used to create new forms of digital assets, such as in-game currencies, items, and virtual worlds.

As more businesses continue to explore the potential of blockchain technology, it is clear that the possibilities are vast and far-reaching. With the introduction of blockchain technology, businesses can create secure and efficient systems, providing customers with a better overall experience. As a result, blockchain technology is transforming industries and bringing the benefits of the new technology to every day life.

Architect Raises $5M Seed Round to Revolutionize Crypto Trading

• Former FTX.US president Brett Harrison has raised $5 million in a seed round for his new project Architect.
• Investors include Coinbase Ventures, Circle Ventures, SV Angel and SkyBridge Capital’s Antony Scaramucci.
• Architect is building new institutional-grade trading technology for the crypto markets.

Brett Harrison, the former president of the US-based crypto exchange FTX, has announced the successful closing of a $5 million seed round for his new venture Architect. The project, which has been in stealth development since September of last year, is focused on creating institutional-grade trading technology specifically designed for the crypto markets.

The seed round was backed by some of the top venture investors in the space, including Coinbase Ventures, Circle Ventures, SALT Fund, Third King Venture Capital, Motivate Venture Capital, and SV Angel. SkyBridge Capital’s Antony Scaramucci also invested in the project.

Architect is building a suite of trading tools that will make it easier for institutional investors to trade in the digital asset markets. The platform will offer advanced order types, advanced portfolio analytics, and other features designed to streamline the crypto trading experience. It will also offer liquidity solutions, allowing users to access markets in a secure, cost-effective way.

The platform is also developing a range of risk management tools and advanced market surveillance capabilities. These features will help traders identify market risks and take appropriate measures to protect their investments.

In addition to the seed round, Architect has also formed a partnership with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The collaboration will help the team develop a compliance framework that meets the SEC’s requirements for digital asset trading.

The team behind Architect is confident that their platform will revolutionize the crypto trading landscape. With its comprehensive set of tools, it has the potential to make trading more efficient, secure, and cost-effective. The team is currently in the process of onboarding new customers and expects to launch the platform in the coming months.

Binäre Optionen als Möglichkeit der Kapitalanlage

Digitale Optionen oder genau genommen binäre Optionen sind die einfache Art und die schnelle Art der Geld Vermehrung an der Börse. BDSwiss ist ein Broker der genau diesen Trend verfolgt und den Kunden ein Angebot an Leistungen bietet, dass Zuverlässigkeit gibt und viele Möglichkeiten der Features erlaubt. Zu diesen Features oder besser gesagt Funktionen, gehört etwa die gute und sehr zuverlässige Abwicklung und in gewisser Weise eine Beratung bei BDSwiss.

Binäre Optionen eignen sich für Leute, die wenig Kapital beim Handel an der Börse zur Verfügung haben und für Leute die kein großes Fachwissen erwerben wollen.

Der Broker BDSwiss ist ein guter Partner

Binäre Optionen als Möglichkeit der Kapitalanlage, sind ein erfolgreicher Trend, der als Anlagemöglichkeit für jeden Kunden viele Gewinnchancen ermöglicht. Zunächst einmal ist es interessant, wie schnell binäre Optionen gehandelt werden und zu verstehen ist darunter, dass man auf steigende und fallende Kurse setzt. Es ist ein Art Wette und dabei erkennt man schon, beim Wetten gibt es ein Risiko. BDSwiss macht es aber einfach die richtige Wette für binäre Optionen zu platzieren. Lesen Sie einen BDSWiss Test unter  http://onlinebetrug.net/bdswiss/ und melden Sie sich einfach an.

BDSwiss ist nicht nur bekannt, sondern hier bekommt man auch die richtigen Tipps. Social Trading ist solch eine Hilfe, bei der man die erfolgreichen Trades der anderen schon erfahrenen Trader kopieren kann und dann bereits am Anfang schon von deren Wissen profitieren kann. Man hat so schnell den Bogen raus und schon nach wenigen Tagen, merkt man wie man seine Trades positionieren muss. Es wäre einfach zu viel verlangt, wenn man die rund 160 Einzelwerte alle kennen würde.

Beim Social Trading kann man sich einfach auf das Fachwissen der anderen erfahrenen Trader verlassen und so den Gewinn maximieren. Binäre Optionen sind wirklich für jedermann geeignet um am Börsengeschehen Teil zu nehmen und mit BDSwiss kann man sich auf die Abwicklung verlassen. BDSwiss unterliegt der deutschen Finanzaufsicht und dies gibt Sicherheit. Binäre Optionen sind keine abstrakte Vorstellung, sondern hie geht es lediglich um fallende und steigende Kurse der Einzelwerte an der Börse.

Mit dem guten Broker BDSwiss auf Erfolgskurs beim binäre Optionen Handel

Gerade wenn man als Neuling binäre Optionen handelt ist man mit einem guten Broker wie BDSwiss optimal ausgerüstet. Auch der Gewinn den der Broker macht, ist am Erfolg der Trader beteiligt. Das Ziel des Broker ist es somit, dass der Kunde gute Tipps bekommt um erfolgreiches Trades für binäre Optionen platziert. Ansonsten würde BDSwiss nichts verdienen. Deswegen ist dieser Broker BDSwiss so empfehlenswert und gerade für den Einstieg optimiert.

BDSwiss verlangt für binäre Optionen und das Handeln keine Mindestsumme als Einlage und so kann man auch mit wenig Geld, die Gewinnchancen von bis zu 80% des eingesetzten Kapital erzielen. Binäre Optionen gelten als eine Art Gewinn-Maschine, denn es geht binnen Sekunden um diesen Gewinn. Binäre Optionen bergen natürlich als spekulative Form der Geldanlage ein Risiko und über dieses Risiko muss man auch sprechen.

Da es eine Art Wette ist kann man auch den Einsatz einmal verlieren.

eToro ist aber wie gesagt am Erfolg der Kunden interessiert, denn nur dann macht dieser Broker auch Gewinn. So kann man sich erklären, dass eToro immer das Optimale für den Kunden erzielen möchte und mit Social Trading und vielen anderen Möglichkeiten kann man das Risiko beim Thema binäre Optionen in Grenzen halten. So bedeutet die richtige Wahl des Brokers, wie etwa eToro (hier klicken um Bewertungen zu lesen) die richtige Wahl für den Neuling um Gewinn zu machen.

  1. Binäre Optionen sind eine wirklich gute Sache, wenn man sich den richtigen Broker aussucht und alle Parameter zeigen, dass eToro hier die beste Wahl ist.
  2. Binäre Optionen bieten eben die Chance wirklich schnell mit wenig Kapitaleinsatz Geld zu verdienen und binäre Optionen mit eToro gehandelt machen sogar in weiteren Sinne Spaß.