Degen Zoo: $700M Raised in 30 Days for NFT Game From Logan Paul’s Crypto Zoo

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• Degen Zoo NFT game has been developed in a record 30 days, derived from the abandoned Logan Paul’s Crypto Zoo project.
• DAO Maker founder Christoph Zaknun took on the challenge to build the game in 30 days and pledged to donate all profits from the game to charity.
•The game has attracted 115k wallets and over 250,000 followers on Twitter to raise awareness of animal extinction caused by human greed.

Degen Zoo NFT Game Developed In Record Time

DAO Maker (DAO/USD) founder Christoph Zaknun has launched the Degen Zoo game, an NFT game derived from Logan Paul’s abandoned Crypto Zoo project. Despite Logan Paul claiming that developing Crypto Zoo would take years, Zaknun managed to develop it within a record 30 days single-handedly as a way of disproving his claim.

Massive Support For The Game

As of today, more than 115,000 crypto wallets have registered to join the Degen Zoo NFT game pledging over $700 million, which is a new record for crypto games. During this time more than 250,000 people followed Degen Zoo on Twitter showing their support for the project.

Game Features And Purpose

Degen Zoo has a deflationary token and an NFT collection featuring 120 endangered species with players incentivized to „kill“ their minted animal pushing it towards extinction. This is done as a way of simulating capitalism’s impact on animals and raising awareness of how devastating human greed can be for wildlife.

Testnet Release Of The Game

Christoph Zaknun proceeded with releasing a testnet version of Degen Zoo days before his proposed deadline where 3,000 players made around 30,000 transactions proving its success even before its mainnet release .


Christoph Zaknun managed to exceed expectations by delivering Degen zoo in time while also donating all profits generated from it to charity as part of his pledge. It also received massive support from both crypto wallets and its followers on social media platforms making it one of the most successful games released so far.