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• Master Key Finance (MKF) is set to launch on the BNB Chain on August 23, 2023.
• The project offers P2P trading and rewards for token holders who stake MKF tokens.
• The sale is offering a rate of 1 BNB=600,000 tokens with no tax applied and a vesting period of 12 months.

Master Key Finance Launching on BNB Chain

Master Key Finance (MKF) is set to launch on the BNB Chain on August 23, 2023 at 1:00 PM CST (6:00 PM UTC). MKF operates as a protocol within the BNB Chain ecosystem, working to address specific crypto domain gaps while distributing wealth among stakeholders. Veteran-owned and US-based, the team behind the project upholds values such as honor, courage, and commitment in order to ensure a secure environment within the BNB Chain.

Active Shilling Contest

In anticipation of its launch date, MKF has an active shilling contest underway which offers participants rewards including $350 prizes and spots in its Presale Whitelist. Further details about participation can be accessed here .

Functionalities Available Upon Launch

At launch time, several functionalities will be available including Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading which allows buyers and sellers to determine transaction prices while mutually benefiting from reduced transfer taxes. Additionally, token holders can earn rewards by staking their MKF tokens on the platform or through staking with MKF if project featured on the portal does not have staking capabilities. The portal allows individuals to explore various opportunities and contribute to the growth of MKF movement.

Seed Sale & Private Sale Allocation Details

The ongoing sale includes a Seed sale with an allocation of 240 million tokens priced at 1BNB = 600,000 tokens with no tax applied and a 12 month vesting period; minimum buy in 5BNB with maximum allocation 3 million tokens across 80 slots. Meanwhile Private sale allocation is 80 million tokens priced at 1BNB = 400,000 tokens with no tax levied; 6 months vesting period; minimum purchase 5BNB; maximum allocation 2 million tokens over 40 slots.

Presale Allocation Details

Lastly there’s Presale allocation which consists of 280 million tokens priced at 1BNB = 350 000 Tokens with no tax applicable and no vesting period; Minimum purchase 5BNB & Maximum allocation 2 million Tokens over 40 slots