Matic Price Prediction: Will It Recover Above $1?

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• Polygon’s native coin MATIC is currently trading below the $1 mark despite its recent partnerships.
• AntiMetal launched its AI-powered cloud cost optimization platform on Polygon, and Horizon integrated Sequence’s wallet and developer stack on Polygon.
• The price of MATIC could rally past the $1 mark soon if the fundamentals of the broader cryptocurrency market improve.

Polygon Price Prediction: Will Matic Recover Above $1 After Recent Partnerships?

MATIC Trading Below $1

MATIC, the native coin of the Polygon ecosystem, is currently trading below the $1 mark. At press time, the price of Polygon stands at $0.8748 per coin. This comes despite Polygon announcing several key partnerships this week, including AntiMetal launching its AI-powered cloud cost optimization platform on the Polygon blockchain and Horizon integrating Sequence’s wallet and developer stack on Polygon.

Will MATIC Move Past The $1 Mark Soon?

The performance of MATIC has been underwhelming over the past few days due to the fundamentals of the broader cryptocurrency market. However, it could move past above $1 soon if Bitcoin continues to rise and holds above its crucial support levels. On a technical level, MACD line remains above neutral zone indicating that bulls are still in control of market sentiment for MATIC/USD pair.

Polygon Web 3 Fellowship Program

Sandeep Nailwal, CEO of Polygon announced a new web 3 fellowship program for developers who want to get involved in building for future of web 3 applications on top of polyon network. This will help developers build better experiences with improved scalability and security for web 3 apps using polyon network technology stack .

Potential Impact Of Broader Crypto Market On MATIC Price

The potential recovery in price for MATIC could be heavily dependent on direction taken by overall crypto market prices as well as performance from other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum . Thus , it is important to keep an eye out on how broader crypto markets are reacting before making any investment decision regarding Matic network tokens .


To conclude , while there have been some positive developments recently which suggest that there is potential upside in terms of Matic Network token prices , it will ultimately depend on how general crypto markets evolve in coming months as well as development activity taking place within Matic network ecosystem itself .